358 | What To Do for Hip Osteoarthritis
The Optimal BodyMay 27, 2024
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358 | What To Do for Hip Osteoarthritis

In this episode, DocJen and Dr. Dom delve into hip arthritis, focusing on its incidence and prevalence. They discuss key findings from the Framingham study, shedding light on the rates of hip arthritis and the predictors of its poor progression. They provide proactive measures to manage the condition, emphasizing the importance of supervision in treatment, addressing the considerations surrounding hip replacement surgery, and postures to avoid to prevent further aggravation, and a summary of the best strategies to manage hip arthritis effectively

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What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl:

04:53 - Incidence of arthritis.

07:28 - Framingham study

08:56 - Prevalence and rates of hip arthritis.

10:56 - Predictors of poor progression of hip osteoarthritis.

12:16 - What can you do?

15:26 - The power of supervision.

18:36 - Should you get a hip replacement?

21:56 - Postures to avoid.

23:56 - Summary of the exercises! 

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