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The PT Podcast network was founded by Dr. E of Untold Physio Stories Podcast. We are network of physical therapy and related podcasts with his most trusted and vetted colleagues from the Rehab and PT world.

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Plugging A Sales Solution Into Your Front Desk With Chris Beavers
Physical Therapy Owners ClubJune 11, 202400:43:2439.73 MB

Plugging A Sales Solution Into Your Front Desk With Chris Beavers

In this Physical Therapy Owners Club podcast, Adam welcomes Chris Beavers , founder of Be...

360 | How to Release a Tight Knot in Your Muscle
The Optimal BodyJune 10, 2024
00:28:3065.29 MB

360 | How to Release a Tight Knot in Your Muscle

In this episode, DocJen and Dr. Dom delve into tight knots and what is happening within t...

Food Psychology with Dr. Shadiq Ali Sheraze
The Barbell Therapy & Performance PodcastJune 08, 202401:48:2799.3 MB

Food Psychology with Dr. Shadiq Ali Sheraze

🎙️ New Episode Alert! 🎙️ Join us in this enlightening episode of our podcast as we ...

Traits that determine success
The Aaron LeBauer ShowJune 07, 2024x
36:3183.59 MB

Traits that determine success

Today I talk about the traits that determine success as a business owner and physical the...


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DeJuan Daniel, DPT

Absolutely love the episode with Dr. Odell Miller! Great transparency with the “Day in the life” social media posts! I personally follow both Dr. OD and Dr. Aaron on instagram, as well as Dr. Aaron’s podcast! Great info!

Apple Podcasts
Solid content!

Nathan has transformed my practice, mindset and leadership with coaching and these highly informative podcasts! Great guy and knows his stuff!

Apple Podcasts
Too many quacks

This couple has some good information in their area of expertise, physical movement, but they check their science brains at the door when they give a platform to quacks with no scientific validity. Promoting the ideas of eugenicists like Weston A. Price—a man trained in the 1800s before many of the tenets of science we...

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Apple Podcasts
Thank you!

I have found this podcast and amazing team at the right time for me! I am 35 and have lived with hip osteoarthritis for 17 years. I’m really hoping to get to a better place with this condition, so I can live a more comfortable and full life! I have already learned so much and I just started binge consuming a few days a...

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