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As a PT, The PT Podcast Network is the perfect page for me to discover new and informative podcasts.

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How Do You Make More Money With Nathan Shields And Adam Robin
Physical Therapy Owners ClubApril 16, 202400:35:0832.16 MB

How Do You Make More Money With Nathan Shields And Adam Robin

In this episode of the Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast, Nathan Shields and Adam Robin discuss strategies and mindsets that can improve the financial health of your clinic. The conversation inclu...

352 | Winging Scapular (re-run - Ep 72)
The Optimal BodyApril 15, 2024
00:23:0521.38 MB

352 | Winging Scapular (re-run - Ep 72)

Seen or been told your shoulder blade is in a funky position during exercise? Perhaps popping out a little bit? Heard that scapular winging will cause pain inadvertently? Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom have you...

Does Surgery Really Work? Ian Harris Challenges Conventional Wisdom
The Modern Pain PodcastApril 14, 2024
00:45:4531.44 MB

Does Surgery Really Work? Ian Harris Challenges Conventional Wisdom

In this conversation, Mark Kargela interviews Ian Harris, an orthopedic surgeon and researcher, about the challenges and problems in healthcare. Ian discusses his journey from being a practicing surg...

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DeJuan Daniel, DPT

Absolutely love the episode with Dr. Odell Miller! Great transparency with the “Day in the life” social media posts! I personally follow both Dr. OD and Dr. Aaron on instagram, as well as Dr. Aaron’s podcast! Great info!

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Solid content!

Nathan has transformed my practice, mindset and leadership with coaching and these highly informative podcasts! Great guy and knows his stuff!

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Too many quacks

This couple has some good information in their area of expertise, physical movement, but they check their science brains at the door when they give a platform to quacks with no scientific validity. Promoting the ideas of eugenicists like Weston A. Price—a man trained in the 1800s before many of the tenets of science we...

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