356 | What is Dry Needling? When is it Beneficial?
The Optimal BodyMay 13, 2024
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356 | What is Dry Needling? When is it Beneficial?

Heard of Dry Needling? DocJen and Dr. Dom give you the rundown on what Dry Needling is, the effect it has on the body physiologically, and who might need it! They discuss the limitations of measurement bias in research, the benefits of dry-needling, how long it lasts, and what it means to have expectations and beliefs about dry-needling, also considering the role of supervision and emotions. Let's dive into all things dry needling and what the systematic reviews say about Dry Needling!

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What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl:

2:40 - What is Dry Needling?

5:30 - Dry needling - how is it used?

8:05 - Limitation of measurement bias

11:55 - Dry needling benefit

14:12 - How long does the benefit last?

15:20 - Expectations and beliefs of dry needling

19:13 - What the research says! Systematic reviews!

22:40 - Emotion ,Supervision, and Pain? 

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