350 | What Exercises Help to Improve Posture?
The Optimal BodyApril 01, 2024
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350 | What Exercises Help to Improve Posture?

Your one-stop shop to addressing your posture! DocJen and Dr. Dom dive into all things posture and how you can change your movement game to address your posture. Tapping into mobility, strength through range, and core control, they hone in on their best tips! Let's dive in!

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What You Will Learn In This PT Pearl:

3:15 - What is posture?

5:30 - What exercise is best to improve posture?

8:50 - Should you use machines in the gym?

12:20 - Restrictions and range of motion.

14:00 - The power of the eccentric phase of exercise.

16:15 - Tapping into mobility.

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