344 | Mobility During the Trimesters of Pregnancy
The Optimal BodyFebruary 19, 2024
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344 | Mobility During the Trimesters of Pregnancy

In this episode, we delve into essential exercises and tips tailored to each trimester of pregnancy to support optimal mobility, stability, and overall well-being for expectant mothers. In the first trimester, we empower you with the hallmarks of mobility, as well as the importance of breathwork with pelvic floor awareness. In the second trimester, we address how you can work around the new sensations you are experiencing and what it means to focus on strength and stability as a signal of protection and resiliency to the brain. Finally, in the third trimester, we dive into intuition and relaxation, ensuring you move and modify movement throughout the trimester. Let's dive in!

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What You Will Learn In This PT Pearl:

5:05 - Tips For First Trimester & Top 5 Mobility Exercises

9:00 - Symptoms During the Second Trimester 

11:30 - Breathwork & Pelvic Floor Awareness

15:08 - Top Stability Exercises For The Second Trimester

20:20 - Two Additional Mobility Exercises To Consider For The Second Trimester

22:10 - Third Trimester Exercise Considerations: Pelvic Floor Relaxation

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