Homeschool Mom and Physical Therapist- Dr. Sarah Martinez
The Aaron LeBauer ShowApril 05, 2024x
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Homeschool Mom and Physical Therapist- Dr. Sarah Martinez

Today, I speak with Dr. Sarah Martinez, a homeschooling mom of four, who also runs her cash-based practice out of her home. Sarah grew up loving sports and taught group fitness through high school and college. After physical therapy school, she worked for a big chain, and hated the hours and the patient load. She lasted six years before "retiring" and being a stay at home mom. She opened up her business a little over a year ago. She treats active adults in Houston, TX. The clients she mostly serves are women who enjoy pilates, yoga, and barre.


1:00 introduction

2:42 Sarah’s business

11:40 treating out of her home

13:20 homeschooling her four kids

18:54 “retiring” her husband

24:53 being a flight attendant

30:00 direct access laws

35:00 when to hire

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