The Practice Owner Journey Of Success With Norene Christensen
Physical Therapy Owners ClubApril 29, 202400:35:2732.45 MB

The Practice Owner Journey Of Success With Norene Christensen

Get ready for an engaging and informative episode of the Physical Therapy Clinic Owners Podcast. In this episode, Adam Robin is joined by Norene Christensen, a highly experienced entrepreneur and physical therapy expert. Together, they delve into some cutting-edge strategies that can help you take your clinic to the next level and achieve sustainable growth.

Throughout the podcast, Adam and Norene explore a range of topics, from building a strong engagement with your patients and attracting new ones to the importance of creating a culture of excellence within your clinic. Norene also offers tips for hiring and retaining top talent in your team.

Ready to take your physical therapy clinic to the next level? With Norene's expertise and Adam's insightful commentary, you'll gain new strategies to help grow your clinic and achieve your business goals.

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