The Power Of Good Meetings With Will Humphreys Of Rockstar Admins

The Power Of Good Meetings With Will Humphreys Of Rockstar Admins

A topic weโ€™ve never discussed on the Physical Therapy Owners Club podcast: Meetings. Feelings about meetings can tend to be negative. Some even avoid them as much as possible. But what youโ€™ll learn in this episode is that is only because people have not witnessed what a good and successful meeting looks like. Today, Will Humphreys and Nathan Shields break down why meetings are important, what makes for good meetings, and how to make them an integral part of the culture you want to create in your PT clinic. Join in on this conversation and rediscover the power of good meetings.

About Will Humphreys

Will is the founder of the Healthcare Business Academy. He is a serial entrepreneur, health care provider, speaker, and author. At 17, he fell off of a mountain breaking both arms and legs. His exposure to the medical field led him to becoming a physical therapist. Later, he became a private practice owner and built a company to multiple locations prior to exiting at 3 times the national average. Today, he teaches others the lessons he learned from decades of practice and hundreds of interviews, hires, and fires. His greatest joy is his wife of 20 years and four sons.

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