Keys To Growth And Expansion – FB Live Event With Adam Robin And Tanny Crawford

Keys To Growth And Expansion – FB Live Event With Adam Robin And Tanny Crawford

All of our experiences—the highs and the lows—build up to take us to this exact moment. We are on a never-ending journey of growth and expansion. Adam Robin, partner and coach with PT Owners Club, takes the reins on this episode of the Physical Therapy Owners Club and introduces Tanny Crawford – an experienced, new coach on the team. Tanny has been successful in PT ownership and management, and in this episode, he shares what some of the keys to his success have been. What he and Adam share are timeless truths for any business that desires to grow beyond the owners themselves. Tune in to learn about the lessons they took on their journeys to PT ownership.


Tanny chose to become a coach because he likes serving people. He enjoys meeting new people and using his gifts to help them solve problems and help others realize their true potential. Tanny knows that everyone has a story and problems that they are dealing with, but each story fascinates him. He loves the opportunities to cross paths with others and help them gain clarity when building their business.

A physical therapist in practice and in administration, Tanny Crawford is impassioned to assist healthcare clients recover from illness and injury. In 2004 along with close partners, he launched Performance Rehab, an outpatient therapy practice that grew to 26 locations across the state. Crawford facilitated the 2015 acquisition of Performance Rehab by Drayer Physical Therapy Institute where he served as Area Manager and was responsible for clinical operations and growth. Crawford is instrumental in analyzing the health industry market and economic forces to determine growth and expansion opportunities. Tanny is currently Director of Business Development and Patient Experience at NewCare MD where he oversees clinical operations as well as maximizing the patient experience.

Crawford is a graduate of Southern Miss and University of Mississippi Medical Center where he obtained his Master’s in Physical Therapy. Crawford is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys wildlife management and sports. He is the 2015 recipient of the Warren Speed Award, a statewide award recognizing outstanding support to physical fitness.Tanny holds a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he specialized in orthopedic physical therapy.
Tanny started his own physical therapy practice and spent 18 years serving the health needs of central Mississippi before moving to Middle Tennessee. Tanny has drawn many parallels during his practice of physical therapy. One of the main parallels is that if you want returning business, you have to have good character, integrity, and a good bedside manner. This allows you to build relationships of trust.

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