360 | How to Release a Tight Knot in Your Muscle
The Optimal BodyJune 10, 2024
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360 | How to Release a Tight Knot in Your Muscle

In this episode, DocJen and Dr. Dom delve into tight knots and what is happening within the body to cause the tension and pain. Differentiating trigger points and tight knots, they discuss the role of the nervous system and how biopsychosocial components may be related to the sensations your are experiencing. Finally, they touch base with the power of breath, touch, and posture through mobility, as tools to change your symptom experience! Let's dive in!

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What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl:

5:05 - Introduction

7:07 - What are knots and trigger points?

10:58 - Neurological muscle tension

14:25 - Global components to pain & trigger points.

16:14 - The power of the breath and touch.

22:40 - Changing your static positioning + posture.

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